Be proactive! Try out some of these opportunities to personally improve yourself today.


Get Organized

  • Define your goals- It is important that your goals are SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely) so that your goal is clear and you can focus your efforts in achieving what you want in life.

  • Time management- Take a good look at the ways you spend your time by breaking it down with a time management worksheet, to determine if your priorities are aligned with how you spend your time.

  • Clean and de-clutter- Getting rid of clutter from your life can make you more focused, relaxed and productive.  However, taking on a huge mess can become overwhelming and stressful.  Start with something small, like your purse or backpack and work up to the big things. The tidier your surroundings get the more calm and energized you’ll feel!

Be Kind

  • Random acts of kindness-  Take the time to send 3 people genuine compliments today. It costs nothing, takes no time and could make someone’s entire day.

  • Believe in yourself - Writing out a list of all your past accomplishments and things that you feel you have excelled at will help you to begin to believe in yourself

  • Practice Gratitude- Having gratitude improves our health, relationships, emotions, personality, and career by increasing our overall happiness.

  • Get-involved with a non-profit organization or join a committee- Not only is it very rewarding to get involved with a non-profit organization, help others, and give back, but it also helps you look at the world through a different lens and further appreciate the issues others face. It is also rewarding to get involved in a committee, which will help you practice your people and leadership skills

Find Passion

  • Finding passion- If you feel like you don’t know what your passion is, keep trying new things. You can start by thinking about the topic or activity or idea that dominates most of your free time and your conversations without you consciously pursuing it.

  • Create a bucket-list- The key is to write down the things that come into your head and forget about the reasons why you should or shouldn’t do that particular list of things.

  • Read motivational books- Books can act like an executive coach to motivate you, teach you how to move forward, and help you get that much closer to what you consider success.

  • Tap into your inner creativity-Activating your creativity helps you tap into emotions, be sensitive to the world around you, and can help you think more creatively in the workplace.  A fun way to start is to go on an adventure to a place you have never been and really take in the surroundings.


  • Learn something new or pick up a new hobby- Learning something new requires you to stretch yourself in different aspects, whether physically, mentally or emotionally. Some great places for fun facts include Reddit and How Stuff Works

  • Learn about yourself and your personality type- Understanding your “strengths” and “talents” can be the difference between a good choice, and a great choice. Try out some of these free personality tests today to see where you land: