Building Resiliency

Learn healthy ways to move through adversity.



  • Turn obstacles into opportunities-  Obstacles can be viewed as a problem to solve, an opportunity to grow, a threat or as a barrier to success. Every person has obstacles in their life. How you decide to overcome them can determine your success.

  • Tracking progress towards your goals- If you have been working towards the same goals for a while, you may start to feel like you’re not making much progress. If you take a look back and remember why you started, you may realize that you have come a long way towards meeting your goal. To make it easier to see what you have achieved, try tracking your progress by keeping a journal or record your small achievements regularly so that you can remind yourself to stay motivated.

  • Staying focused- Motivation is typically high in the beginning and then slowly wears off as things become busy and overloaded. One way to keep on track is to write a list of the reasons that you want to accomplish your goal.

  • Visualization- A technique for creating a mental image of our desired outcome of a future event. By visualizing the outcome, we can start to really see the possibility of achieving our goal. Learn some simple beginning visualization techniques here.


  • Build confidence- Self-confidence is a tool that can help you take on challenges, manage your fears and maintain a positive mental attitude. Self-confidence can be built up and improved upon as you grow and experience more in your life. See some actions that you can take to help improve on your self-confidence.

  • Effective communication- The biggest problem we have with communication is that we do not listen to understand, we listen to reply. Check out 10 steps to effective listening.

  • Improve Memory- Cramming for a test the night before by reading over the information one time will lessen your retention rate, no matter how smart you are. Fortunately, by learning some retention strategies, it will greatly improve your memory. Try some of these strategies before your next big test.

  • Make connections- Making connections or networking should be a part of your daily life to learn about career options and gather advice for achieving your goals. Networking can happen every day in any situation. Learn more about the importance of career networking